Fabulous Vintage Finds – Furniture

Hunting for that perfect piece of furniture, whether it’s storage for the kitchen, some shelves for a bedroom or a cupboard for your sitting room, is always a challenge. We look for pieces that have their original paint, which may be a bit chipped and worn but which always have a story behind them. Occasionally we paint a piece of furniture to fit in with a clients decorating scheme or just to give it a new lease of life in a new home.

Simon also makes tables to order from old French shutters and doors setting them on wooden trestles or metal legs.

Fabulous Vintage Finds –

Our aim is to make your house a beautiful home selecting fabulous vintage finds for modern living.  We have sourced a range of unique items including storage, lighting, furniture, glasses, stoneware, linen, handmade pieces and decorative items.

We are always searching for new pieces so please do get in touch so that we can find the perfect piece for you.

Cream painted table

Cream painted table £95.00 Cream painted table £95.00 82cm wide 40cm deep 70cm high